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Hello, fellow reefers.

Today I purchased a purple monster zoa at the reef store. It was glowing very nicely under their light. When I brought it home and put it under my light (kessil ap700), it just didn't glow as much. Especially the purple color. This has happened with the blue zoanthids I recently purchased as well... The colors just don't pop as much as they did at the store. It's not a parameter issue, it's as soon as I put them in the tank.

Do you guys know how to make zoanthids really pop with your lights? Mine are running at 0%red 0%green, just blues all day.


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I've ran across this with my older kessils, their blue is different and you can't add violet or UV. My AI lights you can pump the UV, where as my kessils I am unable to change that. So certain things look different in different tanks.