Complete 120g system for sale:


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First I would like to say "Thanks" for everyone that endured the weather and drove out to "BFE" to get all my critters and stuff! I sure appreciate it! and I hope all the stuff you got is doing well and nothing was lost in this cold!

OK...I am now going to list the 120 of mine...I would like to sell the entire setup for $1600...if someone wants to offer me more! cool! LOL! :D

After I get it cleaned up...I will be able to post pics...


AGA 120g w/2 "Megaflow" overflows
AGA Black Stand
AGA Black Canopy w/ 2 installed 4" fans and grills
AGA 40g Breeder Sump w/ baffles
Sedra 9000 Return Pump
2x Tunze 6200 Turbelle Pumps
Tunze Ozomlator Auto Top Off
Tunze DOC 9015 w/ Foam Extractor
2X IceCap 250W MH Ballast (newer Blue style)
2X Luminarc III reflectors with Mogel Base
2X XM 10K MH bulbs (still giving good coral growth, but are over a year old)
Coralife VHO 2-bulb ballast (Model AF906)
110w VHO super-antic (46.5")
110w VHO super-white (46.5") I believe I have 1 NIP bulb also...
Aquacontroller 3 w/ new HD temp probe and 2 PH Probes
Aquacontroller Lunar Module with 4 LED units
Aqua-surf Tunze controller
2X Aquacontroller DC8 switched outlets (16 total switch outlets) New version
2X 250W Blue-Line Bio-Therm Titanium Heater elements (Controlled by AC3, no built in controller, just elements)
Korallin C-3002 Calcium Reactor (Model CR-KL-3002) w/ regulator and CO2 bottle

Now...what I have into the above items when I purchased...

I purchased the following items at Salty Critter 18 months or so ago...

2X IceCap Ballast (approx $250)
AC3 w/2 DC8's and 2 PH probes (approx $650)
Lunar Module (approx $100)
Aquasurf (approx $170)
2X Tunze 6200 (approx $850)
Tunze 9015 skimmer (approx $450)
Tunze Ozmolator (approx $160)
Sedra 9000 (approx $80)

Total spent just at Salty Critter...approx $2700!

Items not purchased at Salty Critter:
CA reactor $400
2X Lunimarc III reflector $220
2X 250W XM 10K MH bulbs $100
50GPD RO/DI unit $150
Used tank, stand, canopy, coralife VHO ballast $600
Total bought used or online: $1470

I have approx $4200 wrapped up into new and used equipment...and am selling complete system for $1600...that is about 38 cent on the dollar from new...which I feel is an EXTREMELY good deal for someone!

if I the complete setup doesn't sell in the next week...I will part out...which...I most likely will make more! LOL...but it is worth my time not to have to either ship or have people in and out of my house I would like to sell complete!

If two or three of you each need some part of the system...go in together on it...split the cost...but come at one time to pick everything up in one shot please...

Misc for sale...available now: total priced as marked would be $230...but if you want to take it all off my hands in one stop...$150 for every thing below...

Two 20L tanks (drilled, one in dead center of back glass, the other on far corner of back glass), a 20g tank, and a 25T tanks ...$20 each

12" x 31" black stand with hinged door for 20L, 29g or 37g (put together, but never used) $40 (new was close to $100)

Quiet One 3000 pump $10

Octopus 110 skimmer $30
some POS skimmer w/ Rio 1200 power head $10

box of misc power heads and heaters, etc...$10 ...please don't ask me what brand etc...but certainly worth $10! LOL

couple of complete test kits $20 (hardly used)
Misc bulkheads $10 for all

NIP 4" Mag Float cleaner (for glass only) $5
new (not in package tho) 2" Mag Float cleaner (for glass only) $3
Piranha Float Magnetic Cleaner $15

I can ship the small stuff if needed (not tanks or skimmers)...but would have to add actually shipping cost and the 3% paypal fee to the total...
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OH...before it goes nuts again for the is spoken for if I sell separately...I have a long list already for it...starting with Ben...


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Also, if you part out I would be interested in speaking with you/put in line for the Halide setup and the AC lunar sim.



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PhilipOSU...Yes I have the pump for the 110...this I could probalby ship since round trip gas for you most likely would be more than shipping...Just ask that you are ok with the stipulations I made in my first post about shipping....


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Now this is sort of funny! Not 5 minutes before you posted this Chuggy I got a PM from one of the guys that split the last of my "Live" stuff...saying he wanted the box...

if he changes his mind...I will let you know...It shouldn't be that much...I just looked up your zip...even 10lbs priority is only like $ I would say no more than like $19 shipped


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Wow, that is a good deal. If you part, would be interesting the lunar module for the AC as well as the heaters.


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Quiet One 3000, box of power heads and heaters, magfloat and the pirahna float have been sold...thanks

Pgolnick...will have to look and see...haven't really gathered everything together...I know I have a couple on a shelf in the garage..and a couple laying around in the basement...will get back to you as soon as I can on the bulkheads...


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OK...decided to break up...can ship smaller long as buyer is willing to pay shipping and paypal fees...unless some thing else is negotiated...

I have PM'ed the first person in line that has asked for:

complete AC3 system (all modules, etc)
Tunze ATO
Tunze 6200's
Tunze Skimmer
Korallin CA Reactor
Heater Elements
Tank/Canopy/ Stand

As I hear back from them I will either mark sold or pm the next in line...or post that item is still for sale...

Also...I just realized I have a 25T or 20G with a hang on back fuge (no skimmer) and a nice 65Watt PC light with moon lights...also a very POS black aquarium stand for it (one of those $25 stands you get at petco) would sell the complete system for $75...has some 5 or 6 baseball to soft ball size LR in it along with Live Sand...not a bad little hospital tank or QT tank...


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Oh...for the tank...I have PM'ed the first guy in line...but thought I would post this...

I would like to sell tank as:

40G baffled Sump
Sedra 9000 return pump
all overflow, return and sump plumbing (returns have Line-Loc fittings to direct return flow)

Would like $450 for it set up like this...or $350 for just the Tank/Canopy/Stand



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probably not worth it now...I posted a couple up that the large float cleaner and the Pirahna were sold...only have the small one for $3 left...sorry