Complete 29G Reef for Sale - Moving


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Hey all,
Its looking like I'll be taking up the gypsy life here in the next little bit, not sure where I'm going.. but fish aren't exactly portable.

I have a pretty elaborate, self sustaining 29G reef that I need to get rid of, I'd rather move it all in one piece, but if I have to part out.. then it has to go in a logical order. I'll help you move it all over nashville...

The great thing about this setup is that I can leave it for a week to a week and a half without any problems, as its a pretty balanced setup.

-29 Gallon Reef Ready tank with a DIY GC provided overflow with acrylic cover, $1/2 inch glass, etc. Sturdy as hell. 2 bulkheads in the overflow depending on where you want to keep the level, or if you want to run a return up and over.
- 10 Gallon Sump / Refugium
-Nice handmade stand and canopy, actually made by our own gFlat. Its not fine furniture, but it will do nicely. Could probably used a little cleaning up.
-250 watt Electronic Metal Halide Ballast, and Single Ended Reflector, plus a bulb that needs changed in a month or so.
- Quiet One return pump, heater, etc.
- Octopus HOB Skimmer
- CPR Aquafuge HOB - The Smaller one
- Complete 10 gallon Auto Top Off System
- 2 Hydror K2 powerheads
- 1 Small Maxi Jet in the sump
- Large yellow watchman
- Pygmy Cherub Angel
- Peppermint Shrimp
- Lots of Red, Purple, and Green mushrooms. No Brown
- Assorted brown and other less interesting zoas
- Small Neon Green Nepthia Frag
- Toadstool Leather
- Pink Finger Leather
- Devils Hand
- Colt
- Frogspawn
- 30-40lbs of Live Rock between the display and the 2 refugiums.
- Plenty of Cheato, and misc. life in the fugues
- Some snails and hermits hiding somewhere in here..

Would like to get $650 for everything. Like I said, I'll throw in a day of my time helping you move it, set it up, etc. assuming you're somewhere in the greater nashville area.

I apologize for the photos, my digicam is broken, these are from my phone.. I had just changed the water and it was the end of the night, so a lot of the corals had already started to closed up.

If I'm going to part it out...

It will go like this:
- Yellow Watchman - $15
- Pygmy Angel - $20
- Peppermint Shrimp - $5 or free if you buy both fish.
- The Rock, plus the colt, finger leather, and mushrooms - $150
- Devils Hand - $15
- Toadstool - $15
- Frogspawn - $25
- Nepthia - $10
- CPR Aquafuge - $75
- Octopus Skimmer - $75
- Hydror K2's - $15 ea. $25 for both
- Auto Top Off - $35 (Dual Switch, Relay Driven, great system with pump and 10 gallon capacity)
- 250 watt Halide Ballast/Reflector/Half dead bulb plus a 175 watt ballast that could use a new can.. - $75
- Tank / Stand / Canopy / Sump / Pump / Plumbing / Heater - $200

But I'd rather it go in one piece.
email me chequepoint AT
Or PM me here




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I meant to say I want the fish too...... I just re-read it, could get the shrimp free to get both fish.... Dawg, you got my pump already, back off my fish...... :lol:
If Dawg don't want the fish, I'll take it....


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Sounds like somebody still has a resentment. You need to call your sponsor:D
thats cool mikey- you can have the fish, eventhough you already owe me one. You left that sad little frag up at AC so long that he whithered and died. Now you want to take my fish. And all because I was the better man in the raffle at last month's meeting... its cool, its cool.


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Alright so mikey is getting the fish? ha ha.
Email me and we'll get things sorted.. I need to get bags. I need to get rid of the rest of the livestock before the lights and the ATO system go.


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Its the HOB rated for 90 gallons. The pump is a quiet one... got to find the size, but its not crazy high flow. The idea of this system was to pass water relatively slowly through the refugium to provide a breeding ground for pods. Actually the whole concept was to create a 29 gallon tank for a mandarin, which this actually was able to sustain with the two refugiums, large amounts of rock surface area, rubble piles, etc. But then an accidental kalk OD took out all the pods a few months ago, and the mandy wasn't able to make it through the crash. Everything else has recovered nicely.