coral of the week { pavona }


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Week #21 coral of the week { pavona }. This coral is pictured on page 40of the book the Corals a quick reference guide by Julian Sprung or you can find it on pages 250 and 251 of aquarium corals by Eric Borneman.

Every week I will post a new coral and I want you to post everything you know about this particular coral. Everything from common names, how hardy they are, water temp, water flow, lighting, water parameters, fraging, spawning, related corals, scientific names, feeding, best ways to ship, etc. Post your pictures for identification. Please tell us about your system so others can duplicate your success. Also email me for request on which corals you would like to see in this section.

I love this coral! Very hardy, that's for sure. Mine (Pavona cactus) is growing under three 40-watt lights (1 cool white, 2 actinics). I use a wavemaker, but the colony isn't in the direct path of any major turbulence.

The nice thing when fragging it is that if you break branches off in the right places, the colony doesn't end up looking chopped up like some other corals do. The branches are so thin in cross section that a broken edge quickly looks just like another growing edge.