corals for sale


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yellow star polyps -approx- 20-25 polyps. $15.00

2 rocks of zoos, green with bright pink centers approx 30+ on each rock. $ 25 each

1 green hammer about the size of a raquetball $ 30

i can take pictures tonight.
taking some right now,our digital camera crapped out so taking it with a camera phone :( i'll post 'em in a few minutes.
all pics are in my gallery. someone is supposed to buy the hammer tomorrow if it falls through ill let everybody know. nothing else is spoken for yet. any questions feel free to pm me. scott
ummm yes I was wondering if you would be willing to trade all of above for a set of Gently Used snow tires from a 78 buick LaSabre? or possibly a flush vavle kit for a new toilet?
where were you last week i just put new snows on the rambler. no need for toiletries we aint got no indoor $hitters in this here neck of the woods. so sorry.
the yellow poloyps gold with yellow centers or small little baby poloys, did not see in gallery unless im blind wich could be?........?
mike it is the 5th pic in my gallery i think they are cid/picd in my gallery. not quite sure what you are looking for they are known as yellow star polyps. scott
had another person back out i still 1 zoo rock and the yellow star polyps, ill sell both for $30.00 also have a large pink tongue coral for sale $45.00.