Corals for Sale


Team RC
Corals for sale, pick up in Garden Grove. Corals must be picked up by 9-1-21. I will hold corals in the order I receive either a PM with your phone number so I can text you or a text if you already have my phone number. You are welcome to come into our house if you wear a mask or I can bring the corals outside to you.


1.Phantom (RR Asia) blue gray base with red polyps $30 SOLD

2.Phantom (RR Asia) blue gray base with red polyps $20 SOLD

3.Gorgonian (Photosynthetic) Free. I can fresh cut 2 or three more if you want one, no holds SOLD


11.Aussie Gold (RR Can) $15 SOLD

12.Aussie Gold $15

13.Aussie Gold $15 SOLD

14.Sleeping Beauty (RR USA) $20 SOLD

15.Sleeping Beauty $40 SOLD

16.Sleeping Beauty $20

17.Sleeping Beauty $40 SOLD

18.Sleeping Beauty $20 SOLD


20.Home Wrecker $80 SOLD

21.Pink Floyd $25 SOLD

22.Pink Floyd $25 SOLD


30.Pink Cadillac $20

31.Pink Cadillac $20

32.Pink Cadillac $20

33.Pink Cadillac $15

34.The Hulk (RR USA) $30 SOLD

35.The Hulk $20 SOLD

36.The Hulk $30

37.The Hulk $30 SOLD

38.The Hulk $40 SOLD


40.Jose's Red Table (true tabling acro with blues and green colors 2-1/2" x 3") $40 SOLD


50.Aussie Gold (2-1/2" x 5-1/2") $40 SOLD


60.Space Invader Pectinia $25 SOLD

61.Jose's Red Table (1-1/2" x 1") $20 SOLD

62.Neon Green Birds Nest $5

63.Neon Green Birds Nest $5

64.Red Robin $10 SOLD

65.Red Robin $10

66.Turquoise Fire Digitata $5 SOLD

67.Turquoise Fire Digitata $5 SOLD


70.Miami Orchid (4" x 2") $20 SOLD


80.Frogskin $10 SOLD

81.Red Birds Nest Teal Base $5

82.Red Birds Nest Teal Base $10

83.Red Birds Nest Teal Base $10

84.Red Birds Nest Teal Base $10 SOLD

85.Blueberry Fields (1-1/2") $15 SOLD

86.Miami Orchid $10

87.Miami Orchid $10


90.Slimeball (WWC) $10

91.Slimeball $10

92.Slimeball $20 SOLD

Picture on reply below for #110-121

110.Favia $10 SOLD

111.Violet/Green Acan (2 heads) $10 SOLD

112. Violet Green Acan (2 heads) $10 SOLD

113.Rainbow Acan (4 heads + Babies) $40 SOLD

114.Rainbow Acans (2 heads + Baby) $25 SOLD

115.Green/Purple Acans $20 SOLD

116.Green/Purple Acans $20

117.Green/Purple Acans $20 SOLD

118.Gold Dust Mushroom $20 SOLD

119.Favia $10 SOLD

120.Green Implosion Palys $10 SOLD

121.Green/Purple Acans $20 SOLD

122. Grandis Palys $10 SOLD
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