corcea not opening up completely?


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I recently purchase a 1inch corcea clam which originated from the soleman. It was completely open and fully extended at the local fish store. I have brought it home for about 3 days now. It is open but not fully extended. I was wondering why isnt my clam opening up completely? I have one other corcea clam that i have had for at least 6 months. that one is opened up completely and fully extended. what can be wrong with this new corcea clam that i purchased 3 days ago??

I have both of these clams under a 250 watt 12k metal halide lamp. The one not fully open and not fully extended is placed about 6 inches deep in the tank and the healthy one is placed about 13 inchs deep.

Recently I added a hang on over flow(with a foam filter built in) and got a sump (10 gallo) set up. After i added these two new equipment i had to rearrange two pieces of rock when the tank was back online, the water got a little cloudy. can this be the cause?

SInce 3 days ago i have done two water changes each time i changed 10 gallons of water. teh water is still cloudy.

What can be wrong with my clam and my water?>
just give it time im sure it will open, im thinking the water difference from LFS to yours couild have stressed him out.
i agree. with all the changes he is probably still a little stressed out. when i introduce a new crocea, he seems to gape for a couple of days before he settles down and thats without oall the water changes and stuff. hopefully he will get used to everything soon and open up nice and big