Cords and salt


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So today I've managed to come up with two new concerns as I continue to slowly collect equipment (don't worry, I'm taking pictures, a build thread should be up in a week or two). My first concern is, with my newly acquired koralia nano powerhead, how am I going to run a cord from inside the tank to the outside with the lid on? is it safe to close the lid on the cord, or what is the best way to do this? As for my second question, I'd like to know if it's possible to do my first salt mixing in the tank itself, rather than in buckets. It seems like it would take a very long time to mix all the salt in separate buckets and then add it to the DT. If I mix it in the tank, can I do it when there is baserock and dry sand, or does it have to be completely empty? Thanks!



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For the power cord question... It depends on your tank. My biocube has cut outs at the back of the tank.

I mixed my salt in the biocube without sand or rock, but with the heater and the powerhead.


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if you have a generic plastic lid you can cut out a slit, if its a glass lid there is usualy a piece of plastic that you can trim so you can fit cables through. You CAN mix it in the tank, but i wouldnt because salt could get trapped in the sand and cause your readings to be off.