Couple swap things from Rev for sell..


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I just have a few frags I will bring if someone wants them.....I will need you to paypal me in advance as I am only preselling. I will not be bringing anything unless pre-sold. All the acans are Aussie.

#1 WYSIWYG $35


#2 WYSIWYG $35


#3 WYSIWYG $10


#4 WYSIWYG $30


#5 WYSIWYG $35


#6 WYSIWYG $35


This is a 4 by 1.5 inch frag of purple cap with blue polyps. The die off on the right was a long time ago due to another coral and this frag is very healthy.

#7 WYSIWYG $20


I can also do some 1-2" frags of a green base/purple tip acro and a fast grower for $15 per frag. (unmounted)


I can also do some a couple 2-3" multibranching frags of a green nepthea for $20 each. (unmounted)
NOT MY PIC but looks like this..

Thanks and you can PM me for my paypal info and to buy these.
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I'll sell all the acan frags you see plus a frag of the acro, cap and the nepthia for $200 together.


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Basically there needs are generally like any lps. They will accept many different ranges of light from low to high and just a stable tank. If you can grow algae you can grow acans. LOL! (almost)


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I agree with the Rev, acans are amongst the easiest corals to keep (at least for me) and are one of the few colorful corals that seem to keep their color under a pretty wide range of conditions.


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Can you put me down for #3 please?

I am trying to decide on possibly 4, 5, and/or 6 lol

I will let you know asap on the others... And I will also need to get your paypal info

I am new and coming from Bham but rest assured i will be there!! Probably the whole 4 hrs

Thanks, Jimmy


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Ok guys I sent paypal info so get that to me and i'll mark them sold! :D


I have a few of the acro frags available.


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Golly, I didn't realize how much that purple cap has gotten around! Nice to see it in so many people's tanks.



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Hey highside, GPhiAce said they wanted #1 a few post up, but if they dont respond by tom it will be yours if you want it still.


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Sold to GPhiAce - #1

Sold to SpiffWilkie - Acro Frag

Sold to dzones - #3, #6, Acro Frag

****#2, #4, #5, #7, Nepthea and Acro Frags Left***


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I'll do all the rest for $100 even. That's 3 acans, the cap, nepthia, and acro frag.

Or I will do the 3 acans together for $80.

The Cap, Nepthia, and Acro Frag for $40.