Crab Shell turned from Black to White?


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I have a hermit crab that shell used to be nice and black, then over the past week his shell has turned bright white, its almost like some type of growth and has covered 95% of his shell.

I don't think its anything to be concerned about just curious.


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Are you 100% sure he didn't change shells. They change often. If not then it could have been some algea or coraline growth (yes, it comes in all colors even black) that has died or bleached. I wouldn't worry about it. Make sure your hermits have plenty of empty shells to change into or they will approprate them from each other or from snails by force.



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It's quite possibly that something is growing on the shell. Sponges, tunicates, bryozoans, algae, & other sessile inverts are often found on hermit shells.