Crabby question?


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When I first set my tank I buy 4 crabs 2 of them really small and the remmaining 2 of aprox. of 3/4 Inch. Yesterday i was looking for my crabs and i only found one of them that have get really big.
It is possible that this crab kill the other members of the crabby family?


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What type of crabs do you have? Hermit crabs will kill one another for shells, food, because it is Tuesday... But usually if there is enough food and shelter, they leave one another alone


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Need more info.............. what kind of "crabs"

If their hermits....... I agree with AnimaliA
Also hermits tend to sleep or become inactive during the day. So just because you can only see 1 doesnt mean the others arent hiding somewhere.


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Also I lost my fire shrimp, and i dont know if thr crab was the killer.
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My Emeralds get along with everything so far.... I have 1 that is getting huge, and he is content to sit up top and pick at rocks. Your shrimp is probably there, you just dont see him, I rarely see my Pep. And the Fire... We broke down a big tank not to long ago, and found one the guy had not seen for over a year....

And if you find the Skeletal Remains of an Emerald laying around, dont mean he is dead, he may have shed a layer????