Crabs and fish


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In my startup tank, amongst other things, is a small rock crab (species unknown) about 2.5 cm in size. He lives under a rock and has pushed substrate out to form little depressions under it. He will come out occasionally to grab a bit of food.

So, my plan was to remove him before the tank gets too established and while there's only one piece of rock and he will be easy to catch. My fear is that he will catch and eat live fish later, especially if they are slow.

Depends on the type of crab. If it is a type of stone crab, I’d definitely remove it (or give it its own tank).
Better safe the. Sorry where crabs are concerned. Can you post a pic of the crab or a better description?
I have removed the crab I was talking about earlier. I took a couple of snaps, but have decided he isn't going back in.


I usually banish bad crabs to my sump or fuge. Or, if I know someone local who keeps Triggers or Mantis shrimp…