Crocea Crisis


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I've got a happy heathy 5" Crocea minding it's own business on a rock ledge. A cleaner shrimp knocks over a SPS coral on the ledge above it and it falls straight into the mantle. The clam closed up on one of the horns of the coral and will not let it go. What do I do now???

Man, talk about a bad situation. Not speaking from experience, but I would do one of two possible things. Either wait it out to see if the clam eventually releases the coral, or simply break off the tip and let the clam eject it naturally. Regardless of what direction you take, please let us know how it turns out. Best of luck.
srfmon said:
Will SPS sting the mantle?

Try turning the clam upsidedown on a rock with a gap under the mantle, then if the clam opens even slightly (which it probably will to try to reposition itself) the coral should fall out.
Here is an update. The Crocea and coral have wrestled themselves to the ground.

The Crocea threw itself off of the ledge and is now sitting up nicely on the sandbed with the coral laying next to it. I'll let you know how bad the mantle looks when the lights come on.

Assuming he pulls through, I have a new set of questions. Do I leave him on the sandbed or put him back on rock? I got him from a guy who raised him under VHO, but I'd still like to keep him as high up as possible for more light. On the other hand, I don't want to inflict any more stress on the guy. He has had a tough night.