Cutting Tool for Plexiglass


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What's a good tool to use to cut Plexi? it's about maybe 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick. What did you guys use to cut it with?
let me know


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Razor blade will work...score it a few times to get about half way through and you can snap it like regular glass.

Indelco Plastic

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How do you run 1/2in stuff through a router? Does it have to be a special bit? I use a heat wire to cut the thicker stuff then hand finish the edges


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the flush trim bit has a bearing to run along your jig (a piece of wood that sits under your acrylic (plexi glass) you clamp them together and clamp them down on a table and pretty much trace the wood out with your router). just make sure that the bearing rolls on the wood and the bit cuts the your acrylic,(check the depthon the router bit). This eliminates the need to hand finish the edges and gives you a perfect clean cut. if you cut a lot of plastic buy a good flush trim bit.