diming moonlights based on the lunar cycle


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I have an ACIII, can some explain to me:

How to program the ACIII so the moonlights will dim with the cycle.

I am going to purchase the x-10 lamp module.


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The moon cycle is already programmed into the controller. The moon cycle is based on the date and time. It works quite well.


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I bought the X10 lamp dimmer... Here is my questions...

First.. Do I need to put the X-10 on the same channel as the ACIII... For example.. The lamp controller is plugged into D5 on the DC8... should I set the x-10 module to D5 also.

I added the moon statement and its night time... but the light is not on... please advise.


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best thing is NOT to plug it into your DC8.

just plug it into a regular outlet and set it to the next availiable address.
example D9

do you have the x-10 control interface? you have to have it to tell the x-10 lamp module what to do.
if you do.. then just program your MOON variable to turn on/off D9


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Okay... Why do I need the x-10 interface? I thought the AC III was supposed to interact with x-10 so I didnt need 2 interfaces?

I can plug it into a normal outlet, but then how will the ACIII turn it on and off (with dimming).

Here is the current configuration
X-10 Lamp Module LM465 set to D5 on my DC8
MON$-D05 //Timer Name
If Moon 000/000 Then MON ON //Timer Statement.

In this configuration, I cannot manually turn the light on an off. If I plug the lamp directly into the D5 plug I can manually turn it on.

Please advise... I am a little stupid with x-10.. so please explain in detail. Do I need 2 x-10s... a receiver and a transmitter?

Does the transmitter get plugged into the dc8 and the receiver (where the lamp is plugged in) into a normal outlet?


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I bought the RC6500 x-10 wireless remote control system. Even though I set both the receiver and the transmitter to 'E', it will not turn off the light. What am I doing wrong?


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To run X10 with the controller you need to have a Control Interface ($29.95). Maybe you can get one from Ebay cheapper?

It will hook to your controller or Daisy Chain form you DC with a 4 cable phone cord. This is a standard phone cord, but some phone cords only have 2 conductors in them. You must have one with 4 conductors.

If you are using a DC, the DC must be hooked to the controller, then the Interface hooks to the output side of the DC.

Give your timmer a name say: MON%-M1
Use this code for the timmer: If Moon 000/000 Then MON ON

I don't know about the RC6500 x-10 wireless remote control system.


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There is an undocumented feature of the DC8 that it can control moon lights if you use the 8th outlet. I haven't tried it but Curt says it works. I think I will try it for something to play with.

If you want to use X-10 you need the powerline interface to get the X-10 signals onto the powerline. Then plug the lamp module into any AC outlet. Set the address on it to A9 or some other unused address and likewise on the controller. Add the MOON instruction to your program. Verify the moonlights are working by turning them on manually with the Aquacontroller.


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What type of moonlight do you have to use?

I have some blue LED's that are powered by a 12v transformer.
Will these work?