DIY light hanger?


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I bought two LED lights of amazon for my tank. They weigh around 10 pounds each.

I was wondering if a 1 inch pvc pipe stand would work. I could build it to go around the sides and back of the stand and then have two pipes overtop the tank with the light hanging off of it. Would it be durable enough or no?


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Depending on the span of your pipe, it would most likely sag. Even heavier ABS pipe would probably not stay real straight.

Maybe look at using something more solid to hang the lights from. Possibly some angle brackets attached to the wall, or even some super heavy duty drywall anchors/toggle bolts in the ceiling and aircraft wire to support the fixtures from there.


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what kind?

what kind?

What kind of lights did you get from amazon?

I just got 2 of the taotronics 212w leds. I am trying to mount them in my canopy or cut the canopy and lay them on top


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These lights:

I went to the hard ware store and got 2 14" long shelf brackets. I need to hang another one beside of this one but there is no stud so I will have to figure out something else. The first picture is hung up normaly, the second picture I hooked the other lights chain to it to lower it down torward the tank. What would be better? Middleways, all the way up like the first pic or down close like the last pic?


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i would put in a measure between both heights you showed in the pictures

A measure? You mean measure how far above the tank it is in those two positions or position it in the middle?

I just measured both positions. Up high is 16" above the water, low is 2" above the water.


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you could use the electric conduit from homedepot for this

The way I done it with shelving brackets was cheaper ($5 for two) and looks nicer to me. I'd rather not see the conduit comming behind the tank. I like the way the shelf hanger looks on the wall.


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I just got some leds for my 75gal upgrade. That wont happend for a few weeks but I am going to hang one over my 45gal. I may try pvc or a big *** shelf bracket, as this is only temp and i just want my led up!