DIY skimmer waste collector


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Well, I was really bored tonight and decided to make this out of things I had laying around. I used an empty kitty litter jug, 4" of clear T-12 flo. bulb protector tubing, a ping pong ball, a 1 1/4 PVC coupling, a 1 1/4 reducer bushing, and (2) 3/8" threaded barbs.


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Finished product works like a champ.:)


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^It's just a waste container with a float valve (pingpong ball contraption). The valve allows displaced air to be released as skimmate enters from the other side. The valve also prevents overflowing because it shuts off when the container is full.

If I were skimmate, I would be honored to be disposed of in this first class waste container :D


do you attach the tube from the venturi to the waste collector ? how does it shut off the skimmer ?

It shuts off due to the backpressure created by the closing of the exit air hole in the waste collector. No more foam can build up if the exit air hole is closed.

John H.
I built your skimmer collection container a year or so ago but I can't solve one problem. When it gets full (for example when I am away) it just overflows. the ping pong ball does not block the airway totally and the liquid keeps pouring in and then out the airvent.

Do you have this problem and have you solved it?

Looks VERY NICE! I never built one myself though I've been thinking of making one lately.

Like Mickey said, I imagine that the seal would be kind of important. I wonder if using something like a modified suction cup would work inside of the tube would work.
You can find the threaded barb fittings at Lowes or possibly Home Depot (seems at least for the ones in my area Lowes has alot more plumbing stuff).

Nice design bulldoger! Have you tried filling it with water to see if it overflows?
Mine overflows and I have put silicone around the connections. The one thing I did differently, is I put both barb fittings in the cap as the cap is larger and I'm wondering if that is the problem. If I put the barb that's draining from the skimmer in the handle like his pictures show and a little lower that the air output might that make a difference.

I'm getting ready to go away for 2 weeks in July and I'd really like to get this working so that I can keep my skimmer running.