dKH fluctuations


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Randy, due to me manually dosing your two part and not always doing it every day I tend to get a dKH swing at times. One day it can be 11-12 dKH and two days later, if I do not dose it can be as low as 8-9 dKH.

I have been told that a swing in dKH is not a good thing. My question is, although stable dKH is always most desirable, at one point does a dKH swing negatively effect your tank? I suppose this could be a loaded question but I just wanted to know your thoughts on this as I have been told that I should do everything in my power to keep it stable within 1 dKH. I am a SPS addict. ;)

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks! As always I appreciate your input and advice.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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I personally do not believe that a routine swing in alkalinity is a concern as long as the max and min do not go outside of normal ranges (say, 7-11 dKH). :)