Does anyone know what this is?


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This just showed up in my tank about 1 month ago. It doesn't move, but doesn't seem to go away.


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The thing on the top is a type of sponge, but not quite sure what kind. They are beneficial I don't know whats on the second pic though.


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Could it be a sea squirt ? Dont recognize sponge variety, so it could be a sponge, but most that i have seen are opague, and that looks clear. Perhaps in a month this will become more defined. sponges or squirts are reef safe, so probably no need to worry


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The first one is definatly a sponge, I'm not sure of the technical name but they're refered to as pineapple sponges (for obvious reasons) Theres prolly a few posts here on them.

The other picture does not look familiar to me :(