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I've been looking, for almost a year now, for dwarf seahorses. Does anyone know of a store in the area that gets them frequently or of someone local that breeds them? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks so much.


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The Dwarf Seahorses require a 10g or smaller tank. They grow to 2inches maximum and any tank larger then 10g would make feeding very troublesome. Before you tell me what is or is not good do your homework on the species.I've spent a year researching this type of seahorse and know more then enough whats good and whats bad for them. Thank you.


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It's good to do your home work before buying any animal. Water parameters can be very tough to maintain in a small tank.
The Coral Corner in Racine has had them in the past, may have some now.


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I have spent dozens of hours researching dwarf seahorses. has an entire forum dedicated to jush the zostrae (DSH) species. After a ton of reasearch, I got a 2.5 G AGA, sponge filter, 25w heater, basic flor. light and natural seafans and got the whole thing cycled and ready for ponys. Then we decided to put the house up for sale. So, plans diverted.

A 2.5G is good for about 10 DSH. They are painfully tiny if you have never seen them in person. You will almost never find just 2 in that size tank. They will breed, as well. That is good, as their lifespan is only 1-2 years.

You will need to feed live, enriched baby brine shrimp 2-3 times a day and you will need to hatch at least every other day to keep the supply up. They will rarely if ever eat frozen mysis and adult brine are too large for them. This was the part I decided I couldn't do if a move was in the works. Some people have luck with copepods as a food source if you think you can raise those in large numbers.

As for getting them, there are a few really good places to order on the internet. I don't remember the specific sites but the folks have a ton of experience. You must go for captive bred. Especially if it is your first time with them. They will seek out food better and don't bring in the disease that WC specimens do. I have seen a few at AU in the past, but they wanted $90 for a pair.

I do have most of my setup if you are interested.