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so I'm battling an Hair algae break out, that's been going on for a couple months now, I've been reading up on dosing peroxide but can't seem to find a clear way to do it. do i just spot treat with a syringe or can I add specific amount for the whole tank?

I have a 26 gallon tank that is sumpless, I run a little more then a cup of GFO in a reactor and change it about every 3 week (i replace when the algae starts to return) which keeps the algae at bay but is never completely gone.

I thought something might be leaching phosphates but the algae doesn't always return to the same spots, sometimes its the the rock work, sometimes its worse on the sand bed or sometimes its both

phosphates are under 0.02PPM ( its hard to tell the exact color on the wheel that comes with the test kit so i put it between 0.00 and 0.02 PPM)

nitrates: 0.75 ppm

(both tests are done with red sea test kits)

any advice would be helpful even if I'm way off base with peroxide dosing

Tim Duncan

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I've used peroxide, but it was to treat Dinoflagellates, not hair algae. I'm not sure if it works for hair algae.....where did u get your info?


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As much as I shouldn't trust it but random websites from googling it, people had said they either dipped there corals that were covered in HA in a 10 to 1 tank water to peroxide or dosed there tanks ......I experimented with a acan frag that had been almost killed by HA and it's pretty promising so far .....I let it sit for two min and all the algae was dead and just the living tissue from the coral was left.....that was two hours ago