Emperor's Ocean?


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Anyone been by Emperor's Ocean anytime recently?

Just wondering what they have before I make the trip.

rabid frog

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I went about 2 weekends ago. They were still setting up shop when I went. Give them some time and I think they will be a decent shop.

ABQ Custom

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I went by E.O. and checked out whats going on there on monday eve.
So far he has 6 125's dedicated to fish only and 2 125's for corals, a 250 open sand bottom with a 12 inch Barracuda and several other collectables!!
and is 75% complete on a 250g stony coral tank.

The fish stock he has is amazing, everything is huge and healthy.
Show pieces included a 10 inch stars and stripes,
an 8 inch Navarchus angel, a 9 inch Queen angel, an 9 inch Emperor
Also several 6-7 inch purple tangs.

His coral selection is limited, Several xenias, leathers, colt, shrooms, gsp.

The store overall is a work in progress, but a very respectable lfs. Tanks and stock are well maintained. Great fish selection. A growing coral selection. Owner Jason said to expect a larger selection of corals to satisfy that discriminating buyer(all NMOK) very soon.

On another note, Clarks on menaul is just around the corner, so I popped in.
VERY discouraging! After E.O. the tanks looked horrible, covered in algae almost no stock whatsoever. The reef tank was overrun with algae, stock looked on the verge of death. I really hope they step up.