Energy bar 8 usb question


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Quick question.

Though out the manual Neptune Systems warns against plugging PC components into the Energy Bar.

My question is... I have a wireless device that draws power from a usb port (no communication). It has a USB A to DC male cable. It is rated for 5v 1.2 A.

Do you think it would be a problem to plug it in to the Energy Bar 8's usb so it can draw its power from it? I emailed Neptune but haven't heard back yet.


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The AquaBus is 12v; plugging PC USB (5v) devices into it are a sure fired way to burn them up.


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I am guessing that while the wiring pinout is the same as a usb cable that the usage of those pins is NOT the same.

The manual states like 10 times not to plug USB device into the AquaBus ports.