ENOUGH light for my SPS?!!


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After getting mixed reviews and advice, i decided to purchase a 175 metal halide with a 14oooK bulb. Im starting to get the feeling that i need some more lighting for my sps corals to have the ideal lighting conditions. Ive built my own metal halide canopy that takes the bulb about 8 inches above the water. The tank is 24inches high. and the rocks go as high as the middle of my tank making the distance from the surface about 12 inches and the distance from the surface to the bulb, around 6-8 inches. so, when roughly estimated, the sps corals are around 20 inches below the metal halide. I always thought i was going to raise soft corals, but after looking at the sps tanks, out there, i have fallen in love with SPS. I just want to get some of your opinions. I think the lighting i have right now is good enough, but you all have more experience than i do, so let's here the criticism! THANX A MILLION IN ADVANCE!

Oh, btw, the tank is 24 long, 24 high, and 13 deep.

You could be able to keep small polyped scleractinians under your setup, although they wouldn't do as well under your bulb as they would under a 400wt bulb. I would try to keep the Scleractinians towards the upper area of the aquarium, for the fact that not much lighting travels to the bottom of the aquarium. The deeper the tank, the more intensity you'll need to illuminate the bottom of the tank.

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Iââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢m keeping acropora and montipora, kind of with the same lighting. They arenââ"šÂ¬Ã¢"žÂ¢t actually directly under my 175. 10,000k But of to the side under a 2 foot 50/50 Vho and a small portion of a 6 foot actinic so they get a mixture of light. The light they are receiving is not as intense as the light directly under the 175 and they are growing fine. There is a picture of a before and after in my web page of the montipora and photos of my acroporas in my gallery. http://members.hometown.aol.com/benamadio/page2.html
the 175 should be ok but you may want to add some VHO to complement the metal halide.
That being said, your tank is not that deep. I don't think you will have a problem with the 175w, and should be able to keep many of the sps species. More intensity may be better, however, I don't see any reason to scrap this set up. Perhaps down the road if you feel they are not getting enough light, you can upgrade.
i am sure you could keep them ok. some won't do as well...the more light loving ones. heck have a 24" deep tank w/ a 400w MH on it...i can keep ANYTHIGN!!!

Here is a picture of my A. yongei that I grew under 175W 14,000K bulb. The color looks OK to me? There are many other corals that will also do well (read colorful and good growth) you just need to be selective with type and placement.

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PS: I also had 4 - 110W VHO's on the tank.
As Kevin just proved I have seen some really fine SPS tanks under 175s. Research what you buy and you will do well with your lighting. It is totally false that all SPS ned to be blasted with light. Some SPS actually do better under less lighting. A few of mine have done well under shade from other corals. Good luck!
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175 is fine

You do know that this thread is 3 YEARS OLD!!!!! :lol: :lol:
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You do know that this thread is 3 YEARS OLD!!!!! :lol: :lol: