enought lite?


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a 20in 96w 50/50 coralife powerquad enough lite for all zoos??? it will be on a 20gallon regular....let me know....planning to get one soon...


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I think it should be enough light. I have a 36" model on my 33 and my zoas looked fine none have died and they do grow. You may want to pu the zoas up a little higher in the tank.

good luck


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You should be ok. The wattage (spectrum) might not be good enough to reach the bottom. Thats why he is saying to put them closer to the top of the tank.


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how much is the PC light you are looking at?

IMO, that is barely enough light. they wont look as spectacular as they do under some MH lit tanks obviously, and they will most likely have long stalks reaching for the light.

also, what are the demensions of a regular 20g? are we talking AGA 20g high? or AGA 20g long? b/c both of those tanks are longer than 20"