Epoxy making Foam?


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My friend just setup his solana tank and we built 2 rock pillars out of dry base rock and used Coat hangers as the "Acrylic Rods" Which worked wonderful by the way!! ANd we used Aquarium safe EPOXY to help reinforce the structures, we ended up using about 3 sticks of the epoxy. We let the epoxy cure 24hrs per the instructions. We then setup the tank with fresh saltwater. The instructions say not to run skimmer for 24 hrs because of overflow issues. Well its been about 2 days now and there is lots of bubbles "Like soap looking Bubbles" in the back compartment where there is water turbulance. My question is , is this from the epoxy and will disipate over time with water changes, Or could there be something else in the tank or on the rocks that could cause this?? We did use rocks that were bleeched and rinsed thouroughly and then air dried for 1.5 weeks...........


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its the epoxy. will subside eventually. you used alot so no wonder its still causing havoc on the skimmer. makes my skimmer go haywire just doing a frag or two depending on brand. D&Ds would cause the skimmer to skim out grey clay.