equipment for mantis


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i gotta 26 gallon rubbermaid tub thats very durable and strong and clear.

think i should run it with an emp 400 or aqua clear 500 or fluval 403???

i have all 3 but which one should i use.
i was thinking either the fluval or the aquaclear
What kind of substrate? In my opinion a good mantis home has a 4-6 DSB and a few nice pieces of live rock. They have room to dig and places to hide without us having to fully stock a tank. Also, the DSB and rock help keep a tank stable. I would go with the fluval since you can set it to drain from the top part of the tank, getting rid of more gunk.
whats dsb?
i think it means the depth of the sand. i think im going to fill it with 4+ inches of live sand because i also heard they like to dig.
i also decided to go with the fluval because im going to make an overflow for my tub.

the only problem is that the tub is about 20" tall and i filled it to 6" of tap water to test it out. the sides are bulking a bit. im scared that it will totally be retarded if i fill it all the way up. so i decided to only fill it up 3/4 of the way. also saltwater is different from tap so im hypothesizing that the plastic might screw up even more. as of now i think its alright so i will procede.