Euphylia problem


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I have been having problems with my euphlyia. It wont ever open up. I feed it mysis. It is under 2x 250 watt mh 14k reeflux bulbs. I have tried it in high flow zones, low flow zones, and medium flow zones but its condition never changes. My tanks parameters are:
Ca-400 ppm
Alk- 4 meq
pH- 8.3
Nitrate- o
Nitrite- o
temp- 78-79

I don't know what to do with it. I have another euphylia that opens up but this one wont. Would feeding phytoplankton regularly help?


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What do you have near it? Maybe its getting stung or something, although they are usually the aggressor. But not always, I had a mushroom sting 1 of mine and severely damaged it.