Everyone keep an eye out!!


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Google: thieves-ohio-dirks-equipment-1000-reward

Oh wow, that's terrible. He was fairly active in the Minnesota reef club when I lived up there -- been around for a long time and gave me some great deals back in the day.


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Here is the story, sucks this has to happen.

While these certainly aren’t the stories we like hearing about or reporting, from time to time we learn about theft within the industry. This time, it hits pretty close to home. We were just informed that while on schedule to attend a Frag Swap this past weekend in Ohio, the vehicle & contents of Dirk’s was stolen. If you don’t know Dirk, he is the “traveling LFS” of the hobby, regularly attending Frag Swaps & Trade Shows all over the country making tons of dry goods and more available to us reefers at every event. Dirk released the following statement:
A LOT of this is very unique to me and to the industry. I am throwing out a Hail Mary pass that if enough know about it, can tell a few people, list it on your boards, check your local Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, Stores, Maintenance firms (large or small)… someone might see something. To me things that will stick out include:
-The coral/glow sticks…NO one has them in quantities. They are 18″ up to 72″ long and in green, orange and red.
-The cubes I store things in are from Target called “Itso” cubes. They hold a LOT of stuff. Hydor, Mag, Maxi-jet and other pumps/power heads.
-The drawers that also stack nicely are from Iris, filled with Elos, Radium, Ushio, XM MH se bulbs, test kits, cleaning magnets and lots of parts.
-5′ silver Truck box
-2-black Contico boxes approx 34x24x24″
-Tongs 12″ angled with red coated tips, 24″ tongs (no coating)
-Skimmers from Coralife, Hydor, Aquatic life
-UV’s from Coralife and Tetra and replacement bulbs
-2/3/4′ T5 bulbs, 13/18/24/28/55/66/96w PC bulbs
-Salifert and SeaChem test kits
-LEDs 6 to 48″ long from Marineland, Aquatic Life
-4′ Coralife 4 bulb T5
-Black plastic tool box filled with Ushio, Phoenix, AB de MH bulbs
This could go on for pages, do what you can to get the word and photos out. Most of this is going to stick out, with who ever might get some or all. I will offer a reward of up to $1000 depending on what is recovered. Thanks, Dirk
If you have any valuable information, we encourage you to contact Dirk by e-mailing reefgrip@hotmail.com. We surely hope these douchey thieves get nabbed sooner rather than later so justice can be served and our “traveling LFS” can get back to business as usual.


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Dirk is a very good guy!! Was always in Chicago at the frag swaps.. This is very sad!! Hope they find them fast