F/S 20g, nano corals, tek t5


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Available in 2 weeks! I'm located in Lake Forest right off El Toro blvd (92630). Please pm me offers or on AIM messenger @ teknagen.

Ok I'm going to have to break down my tank when I move next month. This is my first saltwater tank so I picked easy corals to keep.

The tank is in my bedroom so I prefer to sell the corals as bundles or all with the live rock etc..? So I don't have so many people coming in and out as I'm very busy.

Live rock/corals first then equipment first.
I never used a skimmer they made to much noise.

Tank equipment:
20g seaclear acrylic w drilled holes for SCWD 2x in and 1x external durso to 10g DIY refugium/sump
DIY simple canopy with Tek T5 retro kit (aquablue + 10k bulb) ($110)
MJ 600 and 900 power heads.
24" 120watt PC light w extra bulbs haven't use since got T5's ($50)
Goto my rc gallery for pics of the canopy.

Stupid new cheap samsung camera decided to power off after 5 seconds now. So didn't have close up of all the corals corals.
I'll try to get more pics soon.


green/pink Hairy Mushroom rock with 4 small purple/blue mushrooms (rock size = 4.5L"x3Wx2H")

Pipe organ unmounted about 2x2" when closed

3 head Pinkish green tip? frogspawn 3x3" or more when extended
2 x Purple leather? both have 2 stalks and about 3-4" high

kenya tree + Green encrusting gorgonian? 7x6" on rock

3 stalks of Kenya tree on 3x7" rock
2 stalks of kenya tree on 3x4" rock (right side of tank)
all kenya trees alil over 3" high

2 head - white tip pink torch coral on a plug 3x3"+ extended

Pinkish white pom pom xenias on a flat rock 5 stalks. (top left of tank)
brownish palys on 4x5x4" rock 25+ polyps (left bottom of tank)
orange/green zoa + cinnamon palys frag
small 2 mouth green ricordia stuck on a BIG rock
feather duster on 7x2" rock
1" frag of encrusting green gorgonian?
2" blue unknown mushroom

2x serpent stars? one is pink and other is grey i think
coral banded shrimp.
red mitrax crab
hermit crabs
6? turbo snails
foot ball size cheato in sump

Total 35+ lbs live rock (some big rubble are in sump also)


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bump.. I will be available this weekend for people to come check out the corals and setup.


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=10453316#post10453316 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by glockcoma
where did you get a 24" pc thats 120 watts

Its actually 110 watts :) 2x 55 watts.

pms replied


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:: UPDATE ::
I will sell the corals seperatly but you must buy minimum $30

Coral pricing:
Frogspawn pink with white/green tips 3 heads = $15
2 Purple finger leather? 3-4" high = $15
Torch coral pink with white tips 2 heads = $15
pompom xenia pink/white 1-2 heads on small rock $10
Pipe organ green about 3" -unmounted. $15
PomPom xenias 3 on 7x4" flat rock = $20
4x4" rock with 30+ brownish palys with couple green zoa in it? $15
Kenya tree rock 5 stalks about 3" high = $15
Kenya tree rock 2 bigger stalks about 4" = $20
Green encrusting gorgonian + kenya tree on 5" rock = $25
green encrusting gorgonian frag $5
Feather duster on rock $10


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OK first one comes gets it.. or pay first via paypal..
I'm only available on weekends!

darn flakes waste my time :)





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All corals sold except purple finger leather & pompom xenias.

Now who wants some live rock?