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I was looking into what else I could feed my livestock besides the formula 1 & 2, brine shrimp and liq plankton the prev owner of tank gave them. So I started with nori strips everyone loves them .
My LFS sold me a huge flat of jumbo mysis shrimp. No one liked it! My 6in wrasse spit it out! Though last week I gave them fresh raw shrimp
and everyone loved it.
I told him I was looking into making my own mix of food (found lots of good recipes on this site) He said he wouldn't do that because the seafood you get might be "dirty". Have any of you had a problem with "dirty" seafood???
Plus it drives me crazy to watch the $$ food head for the filter...do you guys turn the filters off when you feed? (I know about watching the water levels etc to prevent overflow)
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I haven't heard of anyone saying that seafood from the grocery store is "dirty", in fact most recipes recommend using seafood from the grocery store. Sounds like he was just trying to get you to buy his product.

As for the filters, I recommend turning off your return pump (if you have a sump) or your filter when feeding. This will keep the food in the tank and not in the sump/filter.