**FIJI IS BACK AT CORALS.COM** ~ Stunning Yellow Leathers, Trachy, and so much MORE!!


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Hey, Reefers we are so excited to finally be able to offer you all coral colonies from Fiji! It has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over and beyond worth it!

Stunning YELLOW LEATHERS, Lobos, Trachy, SPS, Zoas, and much much more! These colonies are overwhelmingly bright and extremely healthy! The colors pop right out of the tank and really stand out. We are looking forward to receiving even more beautiful corals in the future from Fiji as they begin to open back up, but in the meantime, this is one heck of a first shipment!

Don't miss out on these ones! Check out some of our favorite highlights below, and click on any photo to shop the rest of our Fiji Stock on our site at Corals.com!

So Walt is shipping whole colonies. I wonder how long till he ships farmed corals again.
I wish they would open back up on liverock. I know Walt is shipping his aquacultured live rock which I have seen and looks pretty nice too.