First LPS...Frogspawn!


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I just got in with my first LPS coral, a 4 head frogspawn! i am extremly happy with this purchase...54$ that sounds good was listed at 70 but the owner at the LFS cut the price down for me!!!

So right now the piece is temp acclimating in the bag with my tank i need to also do a drip line acclimation?

Where can i place it in my tank? 26 gal 2ft tall tank with 2x65 watt lighting overtop...

Finally, i would love any and all suggestions on the keeping and care of this piece...thanks!


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if you have the means to do a drip then it would'nt be a bad thing..

Or you can just put in a bit of tank water in the bag wait a bit remove x amount of water and add a bit more tank water over and over till the bag is almost entirely tank water.
bunches of ways of doing it congrats on your frog and bvest of luck


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thanks enraged! well the frogspawn is in my tank and it looks good so far...its open, not fully open but open!

i have it currently about halfway up in my tank in an area that has a good amount of flow (the flow is kinda ramdom b/c its in the center of the tank and everything bounces off of the bow back into that general direction.)

is this ok? suggestions?


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I have a 55g and keep my froggie frag halfway up towards the 4 x 65 watt PC and in the middle of the tank for same reasons as you, Mine gets great polyp extension and looks like he's happy. He's only got the one head though, can't wait until I have 4 heads on him.....or 50 =o)


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What do you feed these animals? Do you have to spot feed them or will dt's work? If you have to spot feed them what do most of you use?




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cyclopeeze (the frozen) works great. In 2 months my 2 headed froggie went to 5 heads. Right conditions and they split fast. They are photosynthetic meaning the zooanthelle(sp) which gives them there color is also what feeds them, but a meaty snack helps to.


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I would try to feed mine frozen mysis and it would let go of it and not eat it every time. Was it just not hungry or does it just not like what i gave it?


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hey guys i had to place my frogspawn into my fuge tank b/c my lemonpeel angel began nipping at it relentlessly...tonight i also got come phytoplankton cultured by a buddy of mine...after adding it into my tank you could see the little arms on my frogspawn catch the food and bring it in to its was pretty cool!

i almost picked up the cyclopleeze but a friend who is very knowledgable told me that it is no good for frogspawns...true or false!?!