Fish in a Bowfront...


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Whats up guys. I have a newly setup 28 bowfront that currently houses 1 Bangaii Cardinal, 1 Purple Firefish, 1 Red Banded Goby! There is no coral in the tank as of yet, since it is a fairly new tank! I was wondering how many more fish would be safe to add? These are the fish I have in mind

Coral Beauty or Flame Angel ( Not sure about these- due to size, and prone to nip)
1 or 2 Clowns- either ocellaris or percula again, not sure
1 Six Line- Not sure on tank size
1 ROyal Gramma- Not sure about this one just because...

So basically, out of the list of fish given and what I already have.. What would be my best bet as to what to add? Thanks! Sorry for all the questions, I just do not want to overstock or end up with something that is not healthy in my tank!!


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six line is okay if you have lots of caves and rock work to explore--- they may jump out if bored IME...