Flameback angel getting picked on


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So..I figured this might be a good place for this post. I've had a percula clownfish and a flameback angel ever since I started my aquarium(about 6 years ago). I added a goby to the mix after my blenny died about 2 years ago. Normally, the angel is the free swimmer of the tank constantly swimming around. Lately, I noticed it has been retreating to one of the more rocky areas of the tank and hiding. I knew something was up, so I payed close attention to the tank for several days. It is now missing pieces of it's tail fin, and last night I found the one bothering him..the clown! When the angel went towards the food during feeding time the clown nipped at him and almost got another piece of him :[ ..I put plenty of food in the tank for the three of them, and the angel is normally a big eater but has been letting food pass by. Why would my clown be doing this all of a sudden? They got along so well for so long. Advice please?


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it may be health issues. ive discovered my fish to have little sensitivity toward the weak or ill. in other words it may not just be the clown being aggressive but the angel being unhealthy. flamebacks are normaly dominant and the last to have issues with being bullied. consider qt.


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No offence but you have a small tank that is arguably fully stocked ... fish get larger and clownfish have the same genetic makeup as damsels which everyone know are SOB's. In SW fish get larger even in small tanks and stress levels go up. Might consider removing a fish.