For Sale: 90g established reef ready tank


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My friend asked me to help her sell her tank. Below is a list of what she has and when she will have her doors open to sell it.

Her contact info: OPEN HOUSE THIS SUNDAY THE 11TH FROM 12-3P
Wendy Flach
Ocean Park Apts off of JTB and Marsh Landing Parkway
4235 Marsh Landing Blvd. Apt 936
Jacksonville Bch, FL 32250

This is what she has

*90g reef ready tank
*Lighting- 2X 250w HQI and 2 30w Actinics - all need to be replaced
- ballast
*Wet dry Sump
*UV, heater, power chords
*Sea life protein skimmer and pump
*Return pump and power heads
*100 to 150 lbs of 4 year old Live rock(Fiji, Marshall island, Tonga)
*live sand
*The LR is covered in Mushrooms, button corals and scattered anemones
* a few damsels
*Tomato Clown
*4 or 5 huge feather dusters

She wants $850 for everything. And if that doesn't work she will part it out on Sunday. Please call me or her for questions.

PM for Pics

Chris Haase, NFMAS