Frag Swap?


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Hello all.

I have heard rumor of, but seen no evidence of, a Frag Swap in the Nashville area this next January (2012). Are any of you folks familiar with that, or is it just a rumor?



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We always had it then. But the new BOD shooting for warmer weather. It's going to be in April. Hope to see you there.


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yes, we are shooting for April. the location and date has not been set. hope we can do that in the coming weeks. I will be coordinating it again this year.


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Swap has been announced.

Tusculum Cumberland Presbyterian Church (In their Gymnasium W/Stage)
477 McMurray Drive Nashville Tn 37211-5361 (About 1/2mi From the Aquatic Critter)
The Frag Swap will be on Sat April 14th from 12:00 To 5:00PM With Set up for Vendors
and Club Members on Friday the 13th starting as early as needed to satisfy the vendors
needs (Not before 9:00AM)