Free pair of seahorses to committed home


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Hi all,

Dave and I are doing more travelling and I would like to rehome Samson and Delilah when Eve lives out her natural life. She is over 5 years old and I am seeing definite signs of aging. I will not rehome the youngsters until Eve passes as I do not want her to be lonely. I can not predict of course how long she will live but I am thinking it will be in the next year.

A pair of seahorses need a minimum 30 gallon tank (with 10Xs turnover) that stays 74°F or lower. The tank should be heavily skimmed and an 8-10 gallon water change should be done weekly.

Let me know if you are interested or have questions.


PS. If you live reasonably close I will even fish sit for you when you go away, provided I am not travelling.