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I am trying to clear up some space.
Pickup location is in Chicago's NW side, near Addison and Austin.

I have a bag of stuff, full of PVC parts, includes at least one unopened ball valve. Stainless steel bone cutter, unused I believe, for cutting coral.
One battery operated emergency air pump. One ozone generator. Stuff is worth a couple hundred bucks new. I just want it gone.

Additionally, I have a stack of aquarium mags - Also free.

Lastly, a 20 gallon long I believe, along with requisite stuff for a fresh water tank. Free.

PM me for cell number for pickup. All gets pitched next Sunday (4/16) otherwise.

Mike Kirda


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Hi Mike, I might be out that way later today and would be interested. Once I know for sure I'll message you. Thanks

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Some weirdness in that I cannot reply to PMs until I have 10 posts.

If it lasts a week, it is yours.