Fresh water dips


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We are always being told how crucial it is that we acclimate our fish very slowly to avoid stress. I just got done reading an article on Ich prevention that discussed the benefit of a fresh water dip up to 15 minutes long. Is this not stressful?

Assuming you have good water quality, it seems to me that as long as the parameters of the water (salinity, pH and temperature) in your tank are reasonably close to the water in which the fish was transported that the fish should be able to adjust without much difficulty. I still think acclimation is a good idea, I just wonder if it is over-stressed.
Fresh water dips are stressful to fish, there make of their gills and such arent made for fresh water. It wouldbe like us breathing in something different than air, which wouldbe stressful to our body and make it hard to breath.

I agree, if the water parameters are very similar in your system as where you purchased from, then Acclimation will be alot less stressful than trying to adjust something that the water conditions are completely differnt.