FS: 210rr tank and some equip


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I am moving in a different direction with my reef tank. I have been the sole owner of the tank and all of the equipment that is listed below. I will take paypal and/or cash as payment. Prices do not include shipping.

210 reef ready AGA with overflow kits included(18 months old.) $500
Custom wood stand(built using online template) and canopy. $250
Circ pumps
Tunze 6105(1 yr old) $250
Tunze 6205. I do not have the original box(1 yr old) $325

2 Lumenbright pendants(1 yr old)w/14k phoenix de 250w bulbs(1 month) $200
Bluewave 7 dual 250w ballast(18 months old) $125
I have 2 6 foot vho superactinic bulbs and ballast free if you purchase the canopy.

Ca Reactor
GEO 618 Ca Reactor w upgraded eheim pump(12 months old) $300
Reef Fanatic Ph controller(1 yr old) still have the probe wet. $100
Reef Fanatic CO2 regulator(1 yr old) $100
Pinpoint ph monitor w probe still in tank(1 yr old) $50
20 pound Co2 tank 90% full. $40

Live Rock
I have live rock in the tank still with water. The live rock are large pieces from the tank are: a 55 pound, a 30 pound, a 20 pound and a 15 pound. There are a few good large/medium sized shelf rock pieces as well as many other good sized 5 pounds or so rocks in my 100gallon stock tank in the basement.

All rock will be sold at $2.00 per pound. I have well over 300 pounds of it between the display and the sump. I have a scale so weight is actual.

I do have around 180 pounds of live sand in the tank if anyone wants it. I am only keeping a little bit of it for use in my next tank.

The fish and corals are not going to be sold, they are going to be moved into a friends 300 gallon stock tank(most of them already there) until I set up my next tank.

I will be out of town for the next few days, but will get pictures up of equipment when I get back.

Thanks, Steve
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Interested in tank. Can't send a message since my account is new but what are the dimesnions of the tank, you can pm me. Thanks


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Lumenbright pendants and bluewave 7 ballast pending.

GEO calcium reactor will come with 1 gallon new media, mj1200 feed pump, and the media in the reactor(about 80% full) still wet as it is still being used.



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Here are a few pics of the calcium reactor....Package price for reactor, ph controller, CO2 regulator, mj1200 feed pump, upgraded Eheim recirc pump, includes media and CO2 bottle. $500 picked up. Everything is still wet including PH probe. Accept cash or Paypal.



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Here are current pics of the tank/stand/canopy.

Update price for Tank(with overflow kits), stand, and canopy(nothing else included). $600 Cash or paypal. No cracks, scratches, doesnt leak.


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I have around 300 pounds of live rock. I have all of the sand(150 pounds). There is no lighting. If you are looking for a basement sump with return pump, I have a 100gallon rubbermaid stock tank with a Reeflo Barracuda/hybrid pump. I will only be keeping about 50 pounds of the live rock for my next tank. Pm me if interested and we can work something out.


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Tank, stand canopy, 2 vho bulb with icecap ballast in canopy, 400watt 14k mogul ushio with large lumenbright pendant and coralvue ballast, reeflo barracuda hybrid pump, chiller, 100 gallon livestock tank....$1,000.

200 or so pounds of live rock. $250

180 pounds of live sand. Free with tank purchase

Tunze 6105 $210

Geo 618 calcium reactor with new container of large coarse media, mj1200 feed pump. $325

20 pound co2 bottle 90% full. $40.

Cash and payal both accepted. Steve
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Pm sent for Co2 to phnx.....

210rr Tank is pending.

Reactor SOLD.

Live rock still have 150pounds or so. $200.

Stand and canopy for 180 or 210 tank. $100

400w metal halide setup(large lumenbright pendant, 400w coralvue ballast and ushio 14k bulb(2 months use at 6 hours per day. $200

Icecap ballast w 72" vho bulbs(2) encaps and wired. $100.

Vho bulbs and ballast can be combined with stand/canopy purchase for $175.

Thanks, Steve