FS: 389 Gallon Eurobraced Lee Mar Starphire Glass Tank and Stand

Mr. Brooks

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This was one of the last tanks made by Lee Mar (now Crystal Dynamic Aquarium). Tank is 96" long by 36" wide by 26" high. It has an external overflow with three holes for a Herbie style drain. Glass is low iron (Starphire). It is eurobraced with a single brace in the middle. Screens are included for both openings. Stand is custom, made with real wood (no particle board). The face is maple I believe with a rich stain. There are doors on the sides for maximum access. The top is epoxied (self leveling) for a perfectly flat surface. I am the original owner. Life has become too busy with work and kids. I sold all of the livestock and drained the tank a couple weeks ago. I included a photo taken the day we removed the livestock. I priced this tank out at todays prices. You would pay around $10k for a brand new setup of this size and quality. My asking price is $5k. The tank is at my office and I have a forklift to make things a little easier. Feel free to DM me with any questions.


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If I haven't built my new acrylic tank already I'd totally consider this tank with it's volume and dimensions. I do miss my old Lee Mar tanks they were built to last!
I can only add that with Eurobrace how you call this (i have also on my new Acrylic but 2 bridges on top and
around) your silicon
strenght remain untouched while fill /empty / fill again water pressure on silicon without is very high
and with Ebrace is 10 times more stronger. No problems at all about silicon expanding and pulling back
all pressure of glass. Good luck for sell.