FS: 39G Cadlights AIO w/ stand & accessories - $450


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Hello, up for sale is the Cadlights 39G 39 Gallon All-In-One Reef Aquarium Tank. Comes with solid wood stand and aquarium accessories listed below.

My reef tank never took off so this was only used for a few months and his been sitting empty for years. Selling tank, stand, and all accessories for $450.

* TANK DIMENSIONS: (L)24" x (W)20" x (H)20".
* Refugium Dimensions (L)23" x (W)5" x (H)19.5".
*Cadlights Pro 12G refugium sump (does not include refugium substrate).
*750GPH utility pump.
*Cell-cast acrylic "œreef ready" overflow box with PVC standpipes, bulk-head fittings.
*Durso style drain and return lines.
*Prism 150w 14,000k with 2 x 24w Actinics supplements
* (2) ) LED-HO 2 watt moonlights.
*Black adhesive Vinyl background
* Tank mounts and ceiling mounting kit included.
* PC light strip for refugium.
* Signature Polished and mitred edges with Extra thick 8mm thick glass.
* Seamless curved front panel.
*3-stage HQI, T5HO, LED-HO lighting system featuring our internal ballast technology.
* separate circuits and switches for complete automatic and manual control for each T5 bulb, LED-HO system and Halides. Easily compatible with all kinds of timers.
*100G Professional pin-wheel protein skimmer with silencer and Ozone adapter.
*6W Drop-in Ultra violet sterilizer.
*70G cooling unit.
*Glass Canopy comes standard.

Aquarium Accessories included
Auto-top-off ATO solution auto water filler Adjustable Float Valve *** Quantity 2
Rio 14HF HyperFlow Water Pump - 840 GPH
BulkReefSupply 5 stage plus Reverse Osmosis Deionization System 5 Micron + Deionization Resin + Filters
Boston Aqua Farms Soft Coral Propagation Starter Kit
Aquarium water testing kit
Aquarium scraper algae cleaning glass cleaner tool
Maxi-Jet 900 Powerhead / MP 900 *** Quantity 2
Visi-Therm Aquarium Heater, 100-Watt VTX 100
Fan for refugium
Coralife Digital Thermometer
Marine Depot Refractometer
Aqua lifter suction filter
AquaScape consruction epoxy
Tetra Whisper Floating Magnet Glass Aquarium Cleaner
Quantity 2 - Tom Aquatics Aqua Lifter Pump - AW-20
Hydor Koralia 2 Circulation Pump/Powerhead UL 600 gph
Marineland Stealth Aquarium Heater ETP150
LifeTech AP5300 Aquarium Power Pump
King-225F Submersible Pump
Reef Crystals Reef Salt - container is 1/3 full.


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