FS - 8' Custom ATI Dimmable Sunpower Aurora Puck Hybrid


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My wife and I are scaling back on our hobby so we are selling our custom 8' ATI Dimmable Sunpower T5 with Rapid LED Aurora pucks hybrid. This light fixture operates in a slave/master configuration where the master is a 4' ATI Dimmable Sunpower with a customized 4' Sunpower as the slave. Both contain 6 48" ATI T5 and 4 Rapid LED Aurora pucks. These fixtures are in immaculate condition.

The ATI T5 component is fully programmable via the onboard Dimmable Sunpower controller. The Aurora LEDs are fully programmable via a Bluefish wireless controller. The Bluefish controller provides 4 channels of lighting control, independent moonlights (separate low wattage LEDs), and fan control. Additionally, if desired, weather effects (clouds & lightening) along with Bluetooth audio for sound can be setup. The power configuration for the Aurora pucks are made up of Meanwell LDD-700H and LDD-1000H drivers, LDD-H-4 boards, and SE-350-48 power supplies. Each fixture utilizes a single 13.5' cable to provide power to the T5 and LED components. Each fixture incorporates 2 additional oversized, but very quiet, aesthetically matching fans to supplement cooling to keep the fixtures at their optimum operating temperature. The master/slave connection between the fixtures utilizes a standard printer cable connection.

The current T5 layout includes 5 ATI Blue Plus and 1 ATI True Actinic per fixtures. This layout of lamps were in use from July-November 2018.

These fixtures were used over an 8' saltwater reef that was 30" front to back and 36" deep.

Very specific details regarding the build and photos of these fixtures can still be seen on Reef Central at:

Each Rapid LED Aurora Puck Contains:
21 LEDs
Channel 1 : Blue "“ 4xCree XT-E Royal Blue, 3xCree XP-E Blue
Channel 2 : Color "“ 2xCree XP-E Green, 1xCree XP-E Blue, 2xCree XP-E Red, 1xCree XP-E Red-Orange
Channel 3 : White "“ 4xCree XP-G Cool White
Channel 4 : UV "“ 4x SemiLED Violet UV

Bluefish Controller Info:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

I will not ship these fixtures as I do not want to risk any damage being incurred.



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