FS: a few SPS frags and colonies


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I need to clean out some frags. I apologize for the crappy pics, my old camera is about dead.

1) lime in the sky frags (1 through 4, left to right)
asking $45 ea for frags #1 and 2 (each is about 3" tall)
asking $30 ea for frags #3 and 4 (each is about 1.5" tall)


2) not sure what this is.. could be the aqudelight or berlinmethods tenuis. the pics suck, but they have bluish corallites and a green base

asking $45 each for the mini-colonies (#1-3)


3) surf-n-turf colony, about 10" wide by 6" high, asking $125


4) surf-n-turf mini-colony (on left) asking $25
A. subglabra mini-colony green base with blue tips, asking $45


5) I also have a couple large colonies of the Idaho grape and bright red-orange monti caps I need to prune way back. asking $15 for good size chunks 2" or so


6) last but not least, I have a small 1/2" encrusted frag of the Rouge milli. asking $60 (couldn't get a good pic through the glass)

JLMK if you're interested. I should be around most of this coming weekend.



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Nice looking stuff. Shoot a closer pick of the one you are unsure of and I will see if I can help