FS Complete Setup


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After much thought and with an upcoming move I've decided list my setup for sale. Collectively the system and rock and some of the fish have been with me since 2010. I've had this current setup for 3 years.

I've decided to let fate decide if I move it again or if I move away from this hobby.

I'll let it go as a complete setup for 5K with everything listed below. I'd be loosing my @$$ selling at this price, but I'm just not into it like I once was, and the thought of moving it again............... :hmm4:

Pictures of Setup here: https://goo.gl/photos/BVbohEquKYTx3wKY7

I will NOT Part this it, it's all or nothing.

Text me if you are interested @ Eight One Three Five Four Five Three Six One Zero

Tank & Stand & Canopy: DSA 190 Gallon Pics attached form when I bought it.
Tank Dimensions 60x27x27
Lighting: 3X AI Hydra 52 fixtures (with mounting hardware) & AI Hydra on Refugium
Return: Vectra M1
Skimmer: Reef Octopus 200INT w/ DC Pump
Sump: Trigger Systems Emerald Sump 39
Controller: Neptune Apex
Many Modules:
Apex Display
3 Energy Bars
AFS Feeder
Advanced Leak Module with two leak detectors
LSM Module with 4 moon lights
2X PM2 Module with
1Link Module
3X Neptune Wav Pumps
2X DOS (1 for Cal&ALK 1 for Auto Water Changes)
BRS 5 Stage RO System
1X BRS Doser
2X 2LittleFIshes Media Reactors (GFO, Carbon)
Probes: 3X Temp, 1 Ph, 1 ORP, 1 Salinity
2X Avast Pressure Switches
1 Breakout Box
2X Maxi Jet 1200’s
4X 120V relays for auto top off, water changes, clean reservoir fill
2 25 Gallon Containers (clean and dirty water)
Countless many other accessories, test kits, top off chemicals, pvc fittings, stuff, stuff and more stuff

Many Soft, SPS Corals HUGE Beautiful Birdsnest and Montpora colonies
Male and Female Square back anthias
Niger Trigger
Hippo Blue Tang
Yellow Tang
Watchmen Goby
Mated Pair of Maroon Clowns
Pink Basslet
Mandarin Goby


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hey i know you said you dont want to part out, but just a heads up that it VERY difficult to sell a complete setup, especially a larger system like you got. Not many people are able to take on the logistics of such a transaction, and if they are, you are going to get less than 1/2 of what you will by parting it out. I understand you just want to get it all done at once. I would recommend you at least sell off your fish/corals first, then sell off the liverock. at that point you can drain the tank, clean up a little bit and sell the main stuff together like the tank and stand, and other items. Yes, its more work, but if you break out the hours you spend doing the work, compared to the money you will bring it, its going to be very good from a dollars/hour standpoint. just my opinion.