FS: Cured live rock, Full spectrum LED box, Maxspect Mazarra LED light, MP40QD


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I Have the following items for sale. They are all in excellent condition and well taken care of and clean ready to install. Trying to find for other equipment, extras, or just things laying around. No rush in selling but if I have a buyer than by all means come get it.

Currently not looking for any trades at the moment.

* Mix tub full of cured live rocks ready to be added to an aquarium. It's been bleached and white as hell ready to go. 2 months cured time. $2/lb (text for photo - many size to choose from)


* Maxspect Mazarra P series LED light. $400 for 2 modules (2 sets available - buy all 4 modules and get the mountings rack set and an extra Module (5 modules total) + a controller free) each set of 2 modules will come with a power supply free.



* Full spectrum Aquarium LED Box fixture 2 feet long (24") with touch panel built in. Sunset to sun rise memory and set time point or preset settings. I will be including the roof hanging kit and remote controller with this light. (Hanging kit and remote not in picture, forgot to grab them when taking the photo) item is in new condition and well taken care of, less then 6 months of use at 30% intensity. - asking for $200



* Vortech MP40QD - you get the wet side, dry side, and controller.
Non wireless module = $275
With wireless module = $300


Find something interesting, pm me for any questions.

Location: City Heights 92115 San Diego ca


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Updates on the following items below:

* Maxspect Mazarra P series LED light - only 2 modules remain - $350 for the two modules and power supply. Everything works great. Everything else is sold.

* Full spectrum aquarium led black box - $150


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Maxspect Mazarra P series LED light. $200 for each modules (Last 2 modules available) will come with changeable Lens 40 degree, 70 degree, and 100 degree for all lights. Power supply is included. Each module allows you to change up to 4 channels (whites, Warm whites, Blue/Attics, and UV) these are Full spectrum LED lighting.

Full spectrum aquarium led black box - SOLD