FS: custom long and shallow tank setup


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Hey guys, it pains me to do this but due to covid and losing my job, I’m getting rid of my favorite tank.


Custom 60x16x14” with ADA style wood cabinet 60x16x44” (tall so it’s better and much easier to gaze at) and floating Canopy. All in a dark grey
3x AI hydra with controller
Ghost overflow (slim so you can put it closer to the wall)
Vortech MP40wqd
Reef Octopus Octo Varios return pump
Bubble Magus Doser
Bubble Magus Skimmer
Trigger Systems Sump
Kessil Grow Light
Various rock and pellets for ground

Powder blue tang
Barrienne tang
Sailfin tang
Designer clownfish
(All with me about 4 years)

Asking 3000 obo.

Thanks for looking
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