FS livestock, LR, LG Mag-rock


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I'm downsizing my 90 reef into a 45 cube so have a few things that aren't going to be added to the new setup.

1. LG Mag-rock covered in pink Kenya tree and small purple polyps. This man made live rock attaches to the glass with magnets. Looks like a floating live rock. $40
2. LG piece of live rock shaped like a triangle 7x7x7 approx. Rock is covered in pulsing xenia, 5 cinnamon grandis plays and 3 purple and green frilly mushrooms. $50
3. MD piece of live rock covered in GSP these are the long polyp neon green ones really eye catching. Other half of the rock is covered in pink Pandora plays roughly 50+ polyps. $40
4. MD regular toadstool I've gagged some pieces of the crown so it's not a show piece, but would be a great fragging candidate $20

I will also trade for zoa frags, dry or live rock Fiji and branching
Text me and I'll send pictures. 480 244-0803