Fu Manchu Lion


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I am currently running a 28g nano cube with two sebae clowns and was wanting to add a Fu Manchu. I have been in the hobby for a while now and this is my second tank, and was wondering what people think about this. I understand that they tend to be shy, and there is plenty of hiding space in my tank. I also understand that they can be difficult to feed and plan to feed ghost shrimp regularly. Is there anything I am missing? Is this a bad idea? I have read up and know that a 30g or larger is usually recommended. Is there anyone with significant experience that can tell me whether or not getting this fish would be a disservice to myself and the fish?



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If you can find a smaller one I'd say you would be ok. Make sure there are plenty of caves and overhangs for him to hide in. Sounds like you already know about the feeding requirements so that's good. There are some good lionfish info sheets and feeding articles floating around here that you should read if you haven't already. Good luck and post some pics if you decide to get one


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it doesnt matter how big the lion fish is now.... HE WILL GROW UP AND GET BIGGER. The lion fish will eat the clownfish. They will/can co-exist for a little while, but the lion fish will get hungry one day and eat up your nemos. And IMO a 28 gallon tank is too small for a dwarf lion.